How to sell on Jumia Ghana for Free (The Ultimate Guide)

Selling products online has become very popular these days and if you’re not selling online you may be missing out big time.

That is why you need to learn how to sell on Jumia Ghana the right way.

But there are many ways and places you can sell your products online.

Some are free.

For others, I’m sorry you may have to pay.

But hey, who wants to pay when they can get it done for free?

That’s why i would any day advice you sell your products on Jumia Ghana.

Because you can sell on Jumia Ghana free of charge.

I am sure you have heard about Jumia before. You may have even bought some few stuff from there.

But did you know you can sell your own products on Jumia Ghana without paying a dime?

If you are interested in how you can sell your products on Jumia Ghana, you might not know where to start.

Don’t worry, In this post, we’re going to learn step by step how you can start selling your products on Jumia Ghana.

By the end of this post, you’re going to know exactly the steps to take in order to sell your products online using Jumia.

Let’s begin!

Introduction to Jumia

So Jumia is one of the largest online marketplaces in Africa that deals in a wide variety of products. Electronics, fashion, health, etc.

Jumia Ghana is the largest online retail store in Ghana and does deliveries to all regions in Ghana.

It is a full service online market place that handles shipment of products from sellers to customers.

That means sellers on jumia don’t have to do any deliveries. Jumia does it.

Also, Jumia has an integrated payment system that facilitates payment transactions.

Customers pay to Jumia, and jumia pays sellers.

As a seller, Jumia Ghana gives you an opportunity to market and boost your brand to millions of people, across the 16 regions in Ghana.

Why sell on Jumia?

These are some of the reasons why you should consider selling on Jumia right away:

  • Reach Millions of buyers for free:
    According to Jumia Ghana, over 500,000 customers visit their website daily. So you can imagine the number of people who will likely buy your product it you have them listed.
  • Sell more products:
    Because of the large customer base your products are exposed to on jumia, you’re most likely going to sell more of your products.
  • Great customer support:
    Jumia Ghana has great features in place to help sellers when they face any difficulties. You can always find help on the Jumia help page.
  • Customer Brand trust
    People in Ghana usually have trust issues that prevent them from buying from random online stores. Jumia Ghana has years track record of excellence and has become a trusted brand. So you wouldn’t have any trust issues selling on Jumia
  • Free Training Online & Offline
    Jumia offers free online and offline training for its sellers. In fact they have a training calendar you can find here.

What can you sell of Jumia Ghana?

You can sell a wide variety of stuff on Jumia. Below is a list of some of the items you can sell on Jumia:

  • Home & Office – Furniture, home decor, wall art, bedding etc
  • Phones & Tablets – Apple, Infinix, Samsung, batteries, etc
  • Electronics – TV. Sound system, speakers, etc
  • Health & Beauty – Perfumes, creams, makeup, etc
  • Gaming – Consoles, accessories, etc
  • Fashion – Clothes, Belts, Shoes, etc
  • Books, Movies & Music
  • Musical Instruments
  • Pet Supplies
  • Garden & Outdoors – Lawn mowers, water hoses, etc
  • Industrial and scientific
  • Automobile – motor cycles, accessories etc
  • Grocery – provisions, toiletries, etc
  • Sporting goods – Shoes, Jerseys etc
  • Baby Products – Feeding, diapering etc
  • Etc, etc..

What Can’t you sell on Jumia?

There are some products or items that are not allowed on Jumia. You cannot sell them there.

See the list of items you can’t sell on Jumia below:

  • Weapons
  • Adult toys
  • pirated publications
  • Explosives and fireworks
  • Alcohol
  • Animals
  • Drugs & drug paraphernalia
  • Gambling and Lottery
  • human parts
  • Pesticides
  • Etc, etc

Conditions to Satisfy before selling on Jumia

Before you even think of registering as a seller on Jumia, you need to make sure you comply with all their conditions.

You should also make sure that you have all the required information to start selling on jumia.

Let’s take a look at some the conditions you should meet for you to be able to sell on Jumia Ghana:

  • You should not be less that 18 years of age.
  • Be responsible for whatever activity goes on in your account
  • Ensure products delivered are as described

For detailed and complete list of Jumia’s terms and conditions you may check out their website.

There are also necessary information that you should have to start selling on Jumia. See them below;

  • Company or store details – This includes your store Address, legal name etc
  • Your mail address and telephone number – So that Jumia can contact you.
  • Store name that you want to use on Jumia – You may want to use a different name for your jumia store or maintain the legal name.
  • Your Mobile money number or bank account details – Where you will receive your payments

Will i pay to sell on Jumia?

You pay nothing to register as a seller on jumia.

However, Jumia will only charge you a little fee anytime someone buys your item on their website.

The charge will depend on the delivery method your buyer chooses and also the category of item bought. This include;

  • Contribution to shipping cost – GHC2.00 per item ordered
  • Jumia Express fee – 1GHc Per item per month stored in Jumia Warehouse
  • Commissions –  from 5% to 15%

For details of commissions and fees related to sellers, you can find them of jumia Ghana’s website.

How to register on Jumia Ghana as a seller

On jumia, everything you do as a seller happens in the Seller center.

That’s where you will;

  • Add your products
  • Manage your sales
  • Update product details
  • Monitor your analytics and how your sales is going
  • Join promotions

Now, let’s go through the actual steps of creating a seller account on Jumia Ghana

1. Visit Jumia Seller center here.

Click Here to go the the seller center page.

Once you are there, click on ‘Register to sell on Jumia’.

Register on Jumia

You will be taken to the next page. Simply click on ‘Sell on Jumia’.

Register on Jumia

2. Fill and comple your personal Information.

You will need to provide details of these list of items;

  1. First name and Last name
  2. Phone number
  3. Preferred Jumia Shop Name
  4. WhatsApp / Alternate Phone Number (optional)
  5. Referred By (Optional)
  6. Email Address
  7. Retype email address
  8. Password
  9. Retype password
  10. Accept privacy policy agreement
  11. Click ‘Continue’
Sell on Jumia Ghana 3

3. Fill in your Business information.

  1. Legal form – Select from the list where your business belongs
  2. Address 1
  3. Address 2 – If applicable
  4. City/Town
  5. Country – Ghana
  6. Postal/Zipcode – Use 00233 Ghana zipcode
  7. Business Registration number – If you have
  8. Business Registration Document – If you have
  9. Tax Identification Number
  10. VAT Registered
  11. VAT Information Document
  12. Legal Name / Company Name
  13. Click ‘continue’

TIP* Only 2. (Address 1) and 12. (Legal Name / Company name) are compulsory to fill so don’t worry if you don’t have the other details. Just fill what you have and continue.
You can even choose to skip this step for later.

Sell on Jumia 4

4. Fill in your Payment information Details

Care to get paid? haha, then you should tell how you want Jumia Ghana to pay you by providing these details;

  1. Bank Name/ Mobile money Network
  2. Account holder name
  3. Bank Name/ Mobile money Account number
  4. Bank code
  5. IBAN
  6. Swift
  7. Bank Information
  8. Continue

Tip* You need to provide IBAN and Swift if you’re using an international bank. And Simply contact your bank and they will provide you with any of these details. You can even skip this step for later

Sell on Jumia 5

5. Review your account Summary

At this point, you’re almost done creating your account and being a seller on Jumia Ghana.

On this page you will be reviewing your;

  1. Seller account information
  2. Business information
  3. Payment details

Make sure that you have filled all the boxes with the right information.

Once you’re done reviewing, go ahead an click ‘Start Selling’.

Sell on Jumia 6

6. Verify your Email Address

Finally, you will get an email in your inbox. Simply click on the link provided to verify your email.

if you check and you don’t find it, look inside your spam folder. You can request another email if you still don’t get the mail after a while.

At this stage you can also decide to share some pictures of your products.

As show in the image below.

Sell on Jumia Ghana 7

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How to sell on Jumia Ghana store ( List your products)

So now you have created your jumia store. The next thing is to list your products so the millions of Jumia visitors will start seeing what you’re selling.

There are different ways you can list your products depending on the type and quantity of products you will be selling;

  1. List them One by one
  2. Use the sell yours feature
  3. Mass creation of products
  4. Letting Jumia content team list them for you

You should note that for your products to be approved, you need to meet all of Jumia Ghana’s guidelines. You can find out more about the validation process here.

How to process your first order on Jumia

So you just had your first order on Jumia. It will Feels good.

But how do you process the order?

From the time a buyer orders one of your products, you have 24 hours to make your item ready to ship.

For details of how to process your order, see this guide from jumia.


  1. Make sure to check your seller account everyday to see if you have any orders. You will get an email alert from jumia too anytime you have an order. But it doesn’t hurt check your seller account daily.
  2. Follow Jumia’s guidelines on how to properly package your products for delivery.

Delivering your order on Jumia Ghana

You have two Options to choose from when it comes to delivering your orders on Jumia Ghana.

  1. Package and drop off your order at a Jumia Drop off station

    With this option, you are keep your products at your shop or preferred location. Anytime you need to deliver an order, you package it and drop it off at any Jumia Drop off station. From there, Jumia handles the final delivery to the buyer.
  2. Use Jumia Express Services

    Here, you ship your products to Jumia so that they keep them in their warehouse. So anytime you get an order, Jumia packages and ships the product directly to the buyer.

These are the list of Jumia Ghana drop off stations;

  • Spintex
  • Legon
  • Accra North-Industrial
  • Tema

You can find details of all Drop off Stations here.

How to get your money from Jumia Ghana

Your money will be deposited into your bank or Mobile Money account at regular intervals and you will get an alert anytime money is paid into your account. You own is to relax whiles you sell on Jumia Ghana

If you would like to find out more details about this subject you can check it out here.

Get Trained to sell on Jumia Ghana for free

Jumia Ghana offers free offline and online training session to equip you better to succeed as a seller.

The offline training is held on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 9:30am at Jumia Ghana’s head office at American house, East legon.

However if you are far from here, you can take advantage of the online training. Check out ‘Jumia vendor university’ on YouTube for these training.

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In this post, we’ve taken a look at all the steps you need to follow in order to set up a profitable online store on Jumia Ghana.

We’ve taken a look at how you can Process orders and receive payments.

We also examined how you can benefit from the free offline and online training offered by Jumia Ghana to make you a successful seller.

So, i am sure you’re well informed now to start a store of your own on Jumia.

From How to register on Jumia Ghana to how how you list your products.

And you know exactly how to sell on Jumia Ghana and make much profit.

Why don’t you give it a shot and see how things work out for you?

If you found this guide helpful, feel free to share with family and friends.

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